Everything[PDF / Epub] ☉ Everything Author Mary E. DeMuth – Heartforum.co.uk Readers discover exactly what it takes to grow in Christ and become like HimI don't write this book as a condemnation or as a sermon The last thing I want to do is provide a 'how to be the best Christ Readers discover exactly what it takes to grow in Christ and become like HimI don't write this book as a condemnation or as a sermon The last thing I want to do is provide a 'how to be the best Christian in ten easy steps' guide I pen these words as a fellow struggler who is learning that what we think about God matters how we allow Him to reign in our hearts matters and how we obey Him in the moment matters It all matters EverythingAuthor and speaker Mary DeMuth has been abused foreclosed abandoned and betrayed She has been pressed and drained till it was too much But it was just enough to bring her to a place of surrender piece by precious piece In that surrender she found the freedom of giving Everything to God And through Scripture community and the work of the Holy Spirit she gives it all over again every dayIn this gentle and challenging book DeMuth describes the process and the nuances that shape us to be like Christ Her words are clear vulnerable and thought provoking and every chapter is infused with ScriptureMost of all DeMuth provides personal and practical evidence that there is no greater pursuit than Christ We must surrender Everything but it does not compare to the Everything He is the Everything He gives.


Everything PDF Ä Paperback
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Everything
  • Mary E. DeMuth
  • English
  • 12 June 2015
  • 9781400203987

10 thoughts on “Everything

  1. Amy says:

    I thought I knew exactly what this book would be about Having grown up a good girl in a denominational church my entire life long only to suffer tragic loss and betrayal as an adult hence making my life one many would deem ruined forever I've learned a gut wrenching lesson or two about the difference between religion and relationship I've just finished Everything though and I'm stunned I'm not sure I can find a way to articulate just what this book did to me but suffice it to say that Mary DeMuth's inspired words left me with hope than I've had in a long long time as well as a resolve to let go of the chains holding me to my past once and for all I thought Jesus was my Everything already I really did but oh how this book has challenged me in ways I never imagined I've read several of the author's books and she never ever disappoints You won't find a better writer in the world than Mary DeMuth and her amazing craft combined with a power behind her words that can only come from God Almighty Himself make the message of this book a force to be reckoned with Read it and get ready for a life transformed Amen

  2. Bethany Michelle Planton says:

    This book will challenge what you think about following Jesus

  3. Alycia Morales says:

    If you follow me on Twitter then you've noticed I keep tweeting about #everythingbook This is because I am super excited to share with you that my favorite non fiction book Everything by Mary DeMuth is finally available for you to get your hands on and your hearts wrapped around Forgive me if I start writing in exclamatory sentences I'm really that excited about sharing this book with youOkay I'll calm down now But only so that you'll keep readingEverything is all about what you give and what you gain to become like Jesus In Luke 1425 33 Jesus tells us there's a price we must all pay in order to be His disciple We must count the cost before we jump into that relationship We need to be ready to give our everything so that Jesus becomes our EverythingThis book is all about that It is a challenge It is a heart invader It is a smack on the spiritual behind It is filled with love It is filled with compassion It is filled with hopeI was blessed to become a member of Mary's launch team a few months ago As I opened the PDF file containing the book I expected life changing words and fresh revelation of God's will for my life I wasn't disappointed As I read word after word God poured wave after wave of His conviction over meI've read Psalm 1913 multiple times over Keep back Your servant also from presumptuous sins; Let them not have dominion over me Then I shall be blameless And I shall be innocent of great transgression As I read Everything my heart fell to the floor and broke into a million pieces Those presumptuous sins add up after awhile and total great transgression transgression that the saint isn't even aware of It's been said that after we've walked with the Lord for a measure of time leading others ministering and working for His kingdom that we tend to get into a groove One day rather suddenly we find ourselves broken again as we were the first time we came to the Lord That would be me as I read this incredibly wise woman's wordsWords likeDare to be brave today and trust that when you extend your wings you will flyANDRestoration blooms after deconstructionandthe grass isn't greener on your friend's property; it's greener where you water itI believe of my copy is highlighted than not My copy of Everything has dog ears and notes in the margin It has been my Bible's companion and will be for a very long time I have attempted to read it slowly enjoying the crumbs and gobbling every nugget left on the page There's too much to take in the first time through I will need to wrap it up and save it for later and return to partake of it again and againMary shared her thoughts her stories her struggles her successes and God's word in such a way that caused me to laugh cry and fall humbly to my knees as I read I feel like I have a twin sister I feel like she sat across from me sharing laughing crying and reaching out to hold my hand through the book I've honestly never read something that drew me in like that other than the Bible What a read What a change I'm going through because of her obedience in writing itIf you read it you won't be disappointed You'll be forever changed as you allow God to move in your heart and your life If you don't read it you'll be missing another opportunity to grow closer to Jesus and to take a good look in the mirror of God's word and compassionately shared truths

  4. Lyndie Blevins says:

    Mary DeMuthEverything What You Give and What You Gain to Become Like Jesus I was attracted to this book because I’ve found anything written by Mary DeMuth will be intriguing and challenge my thinking I was also intrigued by the concept of Jesus being my everything This book was about Mary DeMuth uses experiences from her life to develop the concept of what it means for Jesus to become our ‘everything‘ Most of us understand Jesus should be our everything and we even say it out loud “Jesus is my everything’ But the reality of what we have to surrender for this to become truth in our life is overwhelming Mary follows three truths to help us discover how we all Jesus to become our Everything 1 Our head contains what we think about God What we think about God matters 2 Our heart is where we allow Jesus to reign in our lives The heart is the place Jesus wants to revolutionize where He can become our “Everything’ 3 Our hands are the evidence of our obedience Through our hands we live out Jesus’ internal transformation Things I liked about this book Mary’s writing is full of encouraging descriptions of God’s love and transformation She clearly proclaims God’s truth in a way that convicts you in love and encourages you to seek Jesus in a deeper and intimate relationship Why you should read this book If you are thirsty for of Jesus this is the book for you It will provide practical steps for you to walk into and of God’s glory This book lived up to the back cover copy What we think about God matters becomes an important thesis of the book It is a critical concept for us to remember moment by moment in our day Mary provides a refreshing look at how we think about God and where we can surrender our thinking to tighten our thinking

  5. Dawn Paoletta says:

    EverythingWhat You Give and What You Gain to Become Like JesusBy Mary DeMuth Published by Thomas NelsonI applaud Mary Demuth's candid and honest sharing in Everything What You Give and What You Gain to Become Like Jesus Although Mary has written a number of other books this was the first time I read her writing I felt as though I was sitting in the presence of a wonderfully honest sister in Christ who was not afraid to tell it as it is and boldly go in those places many fear to tread Mary takes us through her own journey through discouragement leading us into understanding why that path is a place that ultimately brings joy and intimacy with the Lord when we allow itMary asks us to consider our options in difficult times We can turn to the Lord in our brokenness and pain growing in intimacy and relationship with God or we can hang onto our dismal position growing in bitterness anger and resentment toward God and others She does not make light of trials but beckons us to lean into the One who longs us to lean hard on Himself She advises us in three realms our head heart and hands In each of these parts of the book she tackles how we can best live out our faith instead of leaning on our own understanding She directs us to the deep tenets of our own Christian view through uestions for reflection and discussion The goal is radical obedience and trust Transformation by grace has never been an easy path Challenging the easy breezy gospel of success and happily ever after with truth is what shines through in Everything If you are ready to stop accepting the superficial Christian life and want to feel affirmed in God's will for you as a real life believer right now then read on and be sharpened friends Practical and challengingIf you are ready for Jesus to be your Everything you are ready to read this bookI received this book from Booksneeze for the purpose of reviewAll opinions expressed are completely my own

  6. Whitney says:

    Great read putting the focus back on Christ Looking forward to reading of DeMuth's books

  7. Laurel Blount says:

    I read this book as part of my morning devotional time and I LOVED IT It challenged me and Mary Demuth's ruthless honesty and excellent natural writing style kept me engaged I will definitely be reading books by this author

  8. Meg says:

    This book was amazing It is very inspirational and life changing I recommend this to anyone wanting to read Christian non fic

  9. Roger Lowther says:


  10. Ian says:

    I've been grappling with writing this review for a few days now I've been fortunate to be part of Mary's Launch Team for the book and so received an advance copy of the PDF I've been blessed by participating in a closed group on FB with the other 100 or so members of that teamI so wanted to be praising this book from the rooftops All the other reviews at present are overwhelmingly positive which is fantastic I worry that I've missed something significantBut I must write what's in my heartThis book has so much going for it Let me list some of them1 Mary is a passionate lover of Jesus and pours herself into everything she writes This is no different We see Mary so wanting to share her journey warts and all2 It's cleverly structured into 3 parts What we Think Who we are and How we Live3 The writing is excellent using lots of great Scriptures as well as other appropriate references from people such as Oswald Chambers who lived a life of giving everything to Jesus As a result it is easy to read not getting bogged down in over complicated theology4 There are lots of super soundbites I love soundbites little takeaways that you can store to memory and draw out when chatting with others5 Mary's messages challenge you to stop think and lean into Jesus some Which at the end of the day is a great outcomeMary's lived a rich life of experience Some really tough times that have chiselled her character and strength in Jesus What I've grappled with is I felt as the book progressed we had less of this experience from the perspective of taking me inside her storyI'm a huge fan of Ann Voskamp's 1000 Gifts which Mary also refers to What was so compelling about that book was I felt Ann's story I was present folding the laundry with her as she grappled with her faith or sitting in the passenger seat as she went on her travelsReading Everything I felt I was in the dressing sheds being encouraged at times exhorted by Mary my coach Let me illustrate with two examples The chapter titled Follow the Leader is all about surrendering control of the daily happenings in our life to Jesus This is one of those areas we all struggle with We have the head knowledge but how do you actually do it with all there is to get through each day I would have loved Mary to take me inside her daily life beyond list making and shown me how she may have done it in those days when everything insider of her is yelling trust yourself Mary you're in control hereSimilarly the last chapter that contains 10 disciplines that she has benefited from in her spiritual growth These could easily fill an entire book itself and I'd encourage Mary to consider doing that Once again I didn't feel I was brought into her journey of self discovery rather told doing such and such would help you But I'd suggest this was to do with the need for brevityI loved how Mary summed the book up in her Epilogue by describing her two selves the Everything Mary and the Reality Mary I feel this book would linger longer in my heart if we experienced first hand Mary grappling with her twin selves as many of us share this similar frustrationDo read this book as you will learn a lot and be better euipped on your own journey

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