Harley Rushes In (Blue Suede Memphis Mystery, #2)

Harley Rushes In (Blue Suede Memphis Mystery, #2)❮Reading❯ ➿ Harley Rushes In (Blue Suede Memphis Mystery, #2) Author Virginia Brown – Heartforum.co.uk Harley Jean must be on the right track if someone wants to kidnap her Memphis tour guide and amateur crime solver Harley Jean Davidson is up to her handlebars in mystery again Last time she was almost Harley Jean must be on the right track if someone wants to kidnap her Memphis tour guide and amateur crime solver Harley Jean Davidson is up to her handlebars in mystery again Last time she was almost whacked by jewel thieves Now her Aunt Darcy Harley Rushes Kindle - an interior designer needs Harley's help catching a smuggler of prized artifacts When Harley finds Aunt Darcy's suspicious business partner hanging off her shop's elk antlers Harley can't help but wonder if Aunt Darcy murdered him Soon Harley's already uirky life spins way off the Normal Meter again with another corpse in the mix an assault by cranky farm animals a kidnapping attempt and surprise assistance from a temperamental Siamese cat Add hunky detective Mike Morgan to the trouble plus the usual collection of Elvis impersonators psychics and unpredictable relatives The city of the blues the King and the mighty Mississippi is about to get steamy The jailhouse will rock someone may get caught in a trap and Harley's in the middle of it all taking care of business Virginia Brown is the author of than fifty novels most recently the bestselling Dixie Diva Mysteries and the acclaimed mysterydrama Dark River Road.

Since writing her first romance novel in Virginia Brown has written nearly romance novels Many of her books have been nominated for Romantic Times' Reviewer's Choice Career Achievement Award for Love and Laughter and Career Achievement Award for Adventure Her works regularly appear Harley Rushes Kindle - on national bestseller lists Having written under several different names about historical eras such as.

Harley Rushes In Epub Ó Harley Rushes  Kindle -
  • Paperback
  • 222 pages
  • Harley Rushes In (Blue Suede Memphis Mystery, #2)
  • Virginia Brown
  • English
  • 22 July 2014
  • 9781611940985

10 thoughts on “Harley Rushes In (Blue Suede Memphis Mystery, #2)

  1. Julie Howard says:

    I enjoyed this book It is book two and although it picks from where book one left off and does mention uite a lot about the case I don't think you need to listen to them I order because it didn't make any difference to this case I enjoyed the book because of the wide range of colourful and uirky characters and the fact that you never know what they are going to get up to next The mystery was good and I liked the fact it kept you guessing and at the same time laughing It is a fun light hearted series and I am off to start the next book but keeping an eye out for any geeseHarley's aunt Darcy needs her help to find out who is bringing stolen treasures or smuggled artefacts to her shop and selling them She suspects her business partner but before Harley can get than a glimpse of him he Is killed just after arguing with Aunt Darcy Harley knows the alibi her aunt gave to the police is a lie but why would she lie? And is she protecting herself or somebody else? Harley can't stand by and watch her aunt get taken away to jail Beside she was hired to find who was selling the artefacts and that is precisely what she is going to do Despite the police and even her own boyfriend telling her to stay out of it With the help from her friends Cammi and Tootsie direr predictions from Divia and even some unexpected help from some animals can Harley find out what is really being hidden at the shop and keep her aunt out of jail It is a mixed review for the narrating team because I liked the female she spoke clearly and had plenty of range but to me the male only had two voices the boyfriend very deep and everyone else

  2. stephanie huntington says:

    Fun interesting and entertaining

  3. Audiothing says:

    My ReviewThose who have read Book 1 Hound dog Blues will know that Harley hails from a somewhat unconventional family Her hippy parents Diva and Yogi are ageing not so gracefully For the last few years though they have lived in a real house with proper toilets and everything They don't give in to conventionality that easily though as Diva continues to dispense her cleansing herbal teas and enigmatic predictions and Yogi continues to grow his er herbs amongst the tomato plants Oh and he is also an Elvis impersonator who adores his crazy dog named KingHarley truly appreciated the move to a conventional life but as time goes by Harley herself becomes a little unconventional giving up her steady but boring job in a bank she gets herself a job as a tour guide She is a part time biker and recently albeit inadvertently has found herself working as a part time amateur sleuth Her first foray into sleuthing was actually pretty successful and must have lit a fire in her belly as no sooner was her first adventure over than her Aunt Darcy sought her helpOnce again Harley just can't say no The offer of money helped her decide and so starts her second adventureHarley begins her investigation with her usual single mindedness heedlessly ignoring all advice from her friends and her very new boyfriend undercover cop Mike Morgan Harley yes again finds herself in many a parlours circumstance Mike and Harley must be very much in lust with each other as despite all his efforts to forbid her meddling and all her hard headed stubbornness and the cat they somehow keep the lust levels highThis story is peppered with comic yet dangerous scenarios most of which Harley brings upon herself because well she is always right Yet with the luck that accompanies many a cozy heroine our Harley wins through albeit body and dignity battered and bruised and usually with the loss of a mobile phone She also makes a new trusty friend a rescued Siamese cat they are an ill matched pair as Harley hates cats and the cat hates people yet begrudgingly they uite like each other The cat moves inThe author gives us a peek into the world of Memphis we get to discover famous Elvis landmarks the Elvis anniversaries and of how the death of the King eventuates in a huge tourism business This is Harleys' world and I'm looking forward to her next adventureI highly recommend reading the books in orderNarratorThis is a dual narration by Karen Commins and her husband Drew Commins I do still have issues with dual narration nothing to do with talent or ability but to do with the listening experience There is a definite feel of the male voice being slotted in as it were The transition between the two somehow needs to be smoother I guess there must be reasons for recording them separately and then editing Maybe the recording booth isn't big enough?Apart from my little prejudice I've always loved Karens' narrating she just brings everything to life both Drew and Karen have the wonderful sense of comic timing necessary for narrating the humourous cozyI was gifted this audiobook without condition by Karen Commins this review is my honest opinion

  4. Ian says:

    This review is for the first three books in Virginia Brown's Blue Suede Memphis series Hound Dog Blues Harley Davidson is a tour guide Her life largely consists of driving Elvis fans around Memphis and showing them the sights After her father's dog disappears she is enlisted to investigate the missing pooch case Bumbling into a police investigation she finds herself the target of ruthless jewell thieves Harley Rushes In Harley's Aunt Darcy finds herself in the middle of an international smuggling operation centred around her design business She hires Harley to get to the bottom of it but when bodies start showing up Aunt Darcy is the #1 suspect Suspicious Mimes view spoilerElvis impersonators are being murdered and Harley once again finds herself at the centre of it all With the police dragging their feet her friend Tootsie asks her to investigate and save the tour bus business hide spoiler

  5. John says:

    There's no rest for Harley Jean Davidson Days after solving a murder and capturing a dangerous gang of jewelry thieves Harley is roped into investigating a smuggling operation at her Aunt Darcy's interior design shop A simple spy job uickly turns into a double murder investigation when Harley comes across a pair of bodies Unable to heed Memphis police warnings to stay out Harley gets deeper and deeper into the case and is forced to examine her own family's secrets to clear them of suspicionRead the rest of my review at TheCelebrityCafecom

  6. Laura says:

    A light and funny book in the serieshow does Harley manage to get into so much trouble even while she is trying to stay out of it a great story and an easy read Cant wait to see what the next adventure is that Harley gets into Virginia has the right amount of intrigue to keep you guessing and you don't know the outcome right away if at all and then throws you for a loop at the end all the while keeping you laughing

  7. Ann says:

    I liked Harley First one by this author I've read Great for everyone Love her family and her home town

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