Picturing Will

Picturing WillPicturing Will, The Widely Acclaimed New Novel By Ann Beattie, Unravels The Complexities Of A Postmodern Family There S Will, A Curious Five Year Old Who Listens To The Heartbeat Of A Plant Through His Toy Stethoscope Jody, His Mother, A Photographer Poised On The Threshold Of Celebrity Mel, Jody S Perfect Perhaps Too Perfect Lover And Wayne, The Rather Who Left Will Without Warning And Now Sees His Infrequent Visits As A Crimp In His Bedhopping Beattie Shows Us How These Lives Intersect, Attract, And Repel One Another With Dazzling Shifts And Moments Of Heartbreaking Directness From The Trade Paperback Edition.

Ann Beattie born September 8, 1947 is an American short story writer and novelist She has received an award for excellence from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters and a PEN Bernard Malamud Award for excellence in the short story form Her work has been compared to that of Alice Adams, J.D Salinger, John Cheever, and John Updike She holds an undergraduate degree from Americ

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  • Hardcover
  • 230 pages
  • Picturing Will
  • Ann Beattie
  • English
  • 08 April 2017
  • 9780394569871

10 thoughts on “Picturing Will

  1. Charlotte says:

    My brother bought me this book, that takes place in Charlottesville, VA, soon after we moved here What I learned is that the spring ants are inevitable

  2. Pam says:

    I hadn t read a book by Anne Beattie for many, many years I had forgotten how much I enjoy her writing.

  3. Tim Nason says:

    October 1999 Point of view in Ann Beattie s Picturing Will skips about like a hummingbird, stopping here for several pages or a chapter, flitting to someone else, dancing to a waitress in a restaurant, settling almost nowhere From the title, I gathered that Picturing Will would be about Will, but he is almost an incidental character throughout the novel The novel portrays a child s experience from the points of view of those around him, yet who consider Will to be inconsequential and peripheral Without Will, a child of seven, there would be no central force binding the stories of his parents, stepparents, friends, guardians, few of whom show much interest in their roles The stories about these peripheral people, told in sequential chapters, with information weaving in and out, pivot around Will while he remains insubstantial he is rarely described, rarely speaks, rarely does anything yet without him there is no cohesion in the novel at all.So whose story is this If each character is central to a particular point of view, but remains peripheral in the overall scheme of the novel, then isn t everyone peripheral By the end, we realize it is very much Will s story, but it s a childhood story of which he knew little.Perhaps it is Beattie s view that a person s life is not entirely one s own Perhaps she wished to redress the egocentric tendency we share, where our own story is paramount, where the lives of our parents and others are seen as unknowable and irrelevant Shifts in point of view, I now see, would work very well to illustrate how events, or a person s life, could be seen in many different ways This approach would be in keeping with newer theories of how we should study history, how we should view the environment, how we should study the process of acquiring knowledge and expressing creative ideas.

  4. Carolyn says:

    I don t know why, I just can t seem to get engrossed in this woman s work I have tried so many times to immerse myself in Beattie s work I can t seem to These work are slow going Make sure you have an empty week before beginning her books Like Raymond Carver she is very truthful about real life, but unlike him some of her characters are just vessels of dust They are so void of character There is very little plot or action in most of her stuff Which can be okay if the characters make you love them, they don t Rather than love them I merely knew them like one does the lowly sad clerk at ones favorite 24 convenient store slow depressing work like her characters Is the only way I can describe any of her works I ve read so far I ve tried getting through her Chilly Scenes of Winter and only get to Chapter 4 before DNF Her short story collection was a tad interesting in a couple of tales This Book Picturing Will had my interest about a photographer struggling to keep her life together with her career and her young son who seems a bit odd Real life troubles with empty characters Sorry I can t continue right now I might re shelf and try again this summer if things get slow and dull in my life, but for now in this snowy cold winter I need action and fleshy characters I haven t given up on Ann Beattie, but her work isn t keeping me awake at this time.

  5. Mike Merrill says:

    Modern fiction about child in a split family situation Believable and good characters

  6. Terri Colangelo says:

    Rated 7 out of 10

  7. Michaele says:

    I did not like this book though I read it all the way through It was waaaay to disjointed for me.

  8. Núria says:

    Hab a le do Postales de invierno de Ann Beattie y a pesar de algunos defectos b sicamente un final demasiado feliz y forzado, y nada acorde con el tono general de la novela me hab a gustado lo suficiente como para precipitarme a comprar el siguiente libro de la autora tan pronto como me enter de que hab a sido publicado Lo que me pasa siempre compro de forma compulsiva y luego puedo dejar a os sin leer estos mismos libros adquiridos en un frenes consumista No ha sido hasta ahora que me he animado a leer Retratos de Will y la verdad es que me ha decepcionado mucho Quiz s es que me es m s f cil identificarme con veintea eros a la deriva que no con una madre divorciada indecisa y con un padre divorciado que no piensa m s que en s mismo Pero me gustar a creer que hay algo m s que falla.Por m s que la novela se titule Retratos de Will , lo cierto es que de Will poco se nos escribe se centra m s en sus padres Yo cre a que iba a hablar de c mo a Will le afecta el divorcio y cosas de este estilo, que por m s que es un tema que nunca me ha interesado especialmente quiz s porque mis padres nunca llegaron a divorciarse , era un tema que bien tratado pod a resultar interesante En su lugar habla de treintea eros al borde de los cuarenta que se encuentran en una encrucijada en sus vidas y que no saben por d nde tirar algo que se nos ha contado mil veces Cierto que este tema bien tratado tambi n pod a ser interesante, pero es que Beattie lo desarrolla de una forma que a m me da la impresi n que no aporta nada nuevo.Es c mo si esta historia ya la hubiera le do muchas veces antes y mucho mejor Encima, como parece que los dos personajes principales padre y madre no dan por un libro se meten personajes secundarios con sus historias secundarias que no consiguen en ning n momento interesarme En general me parece todo muy t pico y previsible, sin la frescura y la vida que hab a en Postales de invierno , muy de clase de escritura creativa no tanto por el estilo como por el tema y la forma de abordarlo Tambi n me da la sensaci n que probablemente las historias hubieran quedado mejor en forma de relato breve, lo cual me hace pensar que cuando alguien se digne a traducir y publicar sus relatos yo otra vez me lanzar de cabeza a comprarlos supongo que de esto se puede deducir que, como lectora, o bien no aprendo nunca, o bien no pierdo nunca la esperanza.Como he dicho, Retratos de Will me parece mucho un ejercicio de taller de escritura creativa Y por supuesto, en este tipo de ejercicios nunca puede faltar la escena gratuita de bizarros actos sexuales con menores Y es algo que me molesta mucho Digo que es gratuita porque parece est puesta ah sin ninguna otra intenci n que chocar al lector, porque despu s nunca se no habla de las consecuencias ni de c mo se ha llegado all m s que superficialmente Y es que s , todo en esta novela me parece muy superficial, nunca va m s all de lo obvio, a veces incluso cae en el costumbrismo por el costumbrismo, as que los personajes nunca acaban de parecerme personas reales Y no es que sea un libro horrendo escena desagradable aparte , pero es tedioso, que muchas veces es a n peor.

  9. HeavyReader says:

    Who are these people What is the plot Why am I reading this book I wondered all of those things while reading Picturing Will.Ann Beattie s writing style is very nice which is why I m giving it two stars instead of just one While the reader doesn t have to work too hard to get through her sentences and paragraphs, the writing is not fluff, the vocabulary not trite This book is not a silly romance novel However, nice writing was not enough to grab me and really make me care about this book or its characters.Personally, I didn t like any of the characters I also didn t love to hate any of the characters I didn t find any of them particularly interesting I found it annoying that the narrative voice kept changing Parts of the story were told from the mom s part of view, parts from the dad s point of view, parts from the step mother s point of view, parts from the kid s point of view I guess the reader is supposed to identify with or at least understand each of the characters after seeing the world through his or her eyes I simply found them all a bit annoying, the adults self centered and immature, the kid very solemn and wise, unlike any real kids I run into A few chapters addressed the reader as if this were an advice book for parents These chapters were just kind of weird and confusing and didn t really seem to mesh with the rest of the story.Not much happens in this book There wasn t much action or even very much character development The reader learns about the characters and their attitudes, but nobody grows or changes or learns I kept waiting for the plot arc to begin I mostly kept waiting for something bad to happen to the kid The book conveys the feeling of impending doom, but all that was impending for me was boredom.There is an unexpected plot twist near the end of the book that really excited me Finally, I thought, something is going to happen The plot twist not only didn t actually make a lot of sense, it was never resolved at least to my satisfaction.I don t feel like this book did anything for me except help pass the time.

  10. jeremiah says:

    She didn t like that Wayne didn t want to pry into her past an unusual attitude for a man, in her experience What men always wanted to do was banish the other people cap the lid on their existence, like one checker on top of another Men wanted to make other men of course men didn t care about your childhood friends, only about other men into understandable cliches and then dismiss them, pick them up and take them off the board You could help them by mentioning only the nasty one liners, remembering only rainy days, producing a picture of the person in which the former beloved foolishly held up a fish not big enough to brag about, or one in which he was flanked by his friends, who had previously been described as villains 143.And I liked this Children meant no disrespect they just thought that whatever they discovered they could have Girls usually grew out of that notion, but boys did not Boys continued to think that the world was accessible, whether they went after what they wanted with scissors or with guns Corky hoped that if she had a child, it would be a girl 144.

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