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School's Out Forever➿ [Download] ➽ School's Out Forever By James Patterson ➵ – In this eagerly awaited follow up brave bird kid Max and her flock are discovered by an FBI agent and forced to go to school There is no such thing as an ordinary day as Max deciphers how and when she In this eagerly awaited follow up brave bird kid Max and her flock are discovered by an FBI agent and forced to go to school There is no such thing as an ordinary day as Max deciphers how and when she's supposed to save the School's Out Kindle - world and she faces her greatest enemy a clone of herself Little Brown and Company.

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School's Out Forever MOBI Ñ School's Out  Kindle -
  • Hardcover
  • 409 pages
  • School's Out Forever
  • James Patterson
  • English
  • 11 January 2015
  • 9780316155595

10 thoughts on “School's Out Forever

  1. Paranormal_Madness says:

    What I liked Max She got some pretty good character development in this book and I enjoyed her exploring her “feminine” side and I especially liked her date with Sam I also liked her little jealous streak when Fang got kissed by Lissa and I liked Fang’s eual amount of jealousy towards Sam Iggy I liked the development with Iggy and his family It seemed real and not the cheesy expected fairytale ending that I was expecting James Patterson to write I liked that his parents saw him as a freak and as a way to make some money and I found that to be very believableWhat I disliked Plot There didn’t seem to be much of one in this book It seemed like it was mostly following the flock while on the run as they dodge random eraser attacks that are never explained Then they find a new home and they spend the rest of the book trying to settle in and they go to school There isn’t much to it There is so much useless filler in this series it isn’t even funny; it’s just a waste of paper Writing style James Patterson has the simplest writing style I’ve ever come across in all of the books I’ve read and it really annoys me There is very little description and there is so much useless filler in not only this book but the rest of the series and the rest of JP’s books It was a waste of paper and time The book could have easily been half the size and it would have been better Plus the characters are a bit immature I know they’re young but under their current circumstances—being chased relentlessly by evil people living on the streets eating out of garbage cans fighting for their lives—I would think they’d have matured a bit over the years but they haven’tOverall this book was just okay It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good It was just kind of average and I could have gone without reading it but if you enjoyed the first book you’ll most likely enjoy this book as well 20

  2. Kim says:

    This review is for books 1 and 2 in this series I feel like I learned a lot from these books as a writer The fact that book one hit number one on the NYT best seller list means to me that the author did something right because a whole lot of people are enjoying it enough to buy it and probably tell their friends to buy it too So when I read books like these and I feel like he broke some major rules in a way that really really weakened his books I have to ask myself so what exactly did he do right that made so many people overlook the serious flaws in these books Here is what I think Patterson did right here First he created awesome characters that are really fun to be around and he's good at making you love them Second he writes pretty cool scenes Basically it's so fun to follow the characters around in everything they do that you don't so much care that these cool scenes don't always add up to a meaningful whole At the end of both book one and book two I felt that there were so many parts of the book that seemed like cool scenes at the time but they were just kind of there never really adding into the larger picture of the whole story It bothers me when an author throws stuff in just because it's going to mess with your emotions when it really doesn't have anything to do with the real plot line or when things magically pop up to solve problems coming from out of the blue and never playing into the book again And yet I think it's a testament to the author's talent that despite these consistent problems and other problems that I've already seen from the sneak peak at book 3 that they show in book 2 I still can't wait to read book 3 or book 4 and I hope that the series keeps going Awesome characters with a cool voice and an interesting story concept and story world can apparently cover for a lot of problems

  3. An says:

    Book title Maximum Ride School out ForeverAuthor James PattersonPage 416Wow i start running with Max and the children again I cannot wait any Curiosity and excitement are my feeling right now I have to read it immediately Sorry i will tell you next week^^ I give five stars for the second seuel of Maximum Ride this week I feel so excited when running in the same ride as Max and the Flocks James Patterson is indeed an amazing writer His story makes me not only flutter with excitement but also not predict what will happen next Perhaps this is one of the factors that make Maximum Ride become the best selling book The story continues after the Flocks discover their parents' files in New York Max felt guilty after killing Ari I feel sympathetic with Max because killing someone is not easy And to live without remembering the feeling of killing someone is even harder Surprisingly Ari who was supposed to kill by Max suddenly appeared with the extra wings The kids have to face a new challenge fighting with a new version of Eraser Flying Erasers I seem like to jump up and down with the Flocks when watching them fight with the Eraser I can not understand why the Erasers kept chasing the Flocks fighting them but not killing them I wonder if the Erasers were playing the hide and seek They made the Flocks feel tired and exhausted with this chsing game I do not know if the Erasers are evil or not; but i hate the way they did to the children Second problem in the beginning of this second book is Fang got injured when fighting with the Flying Erasers Fortunately Fand was helped by a group of people in the hospital; especially FBI The story makes me become curious because the people in FBI know exactly about the School in California about Jeb Even though the Flocks tried to hide their backgrounds the FBI people kney that they were lying After that the Flocks agreed to stay at Anne's a woman from FBI I'm feeling that Max gradually loves Fang expressing through the way she takes care of him the way she asks him My 14 year old Max is falling in love How interesting it is We are going to find out next weekNov 152008 This week the ride with Max and the Flocks stops at School Perhaps the readers will think that the Flocks are brought back to the School in California a terrible place for them However actually the kids is going to the School where they can receive a good education and protection Patterson partly makes me satisfied because at least the Flocks are treated like the normal kids in this situation Moreover the Flocks have invisible power including the intelligence If they are well educated it can help them solve their problem uickly and easily The next thing that surprises me when reading these chapters is Total the dog that Angel brought with her can talk like human Is the dog implanted the special DNA like the Flocks or does the dog have supernatural power I am not sure if it is true However i guess that the dog would play an important role that will help Max and her family later on Coming back with the kids at school they start making new friends there The Flocks seem uickly to associate with the new environment When reading Max i think that the ones who cause trouble to Max would be Iggy Nudge or Gasman However surprisingly the troble maker is Fang Max saw Fang kissed a girl in School Apparently my little Max is really hurted I feel synpathetic with Max in this situation The pain when seeing someone you love kiss another girl is like a small knife moving inside your body and gradually cutting the organs Jealousy anger and feeling disappointed can describe perfectly Max's feeling then Even though Max thought that Fang is just like her brother she can not deny the truth that she likes Fang Oh my goodness Max My little Max is growing up My little Max is falling in love But i believe that my Max is stronger than meFang Wait and see my strong Max The one who suppose to save the world can not be feebleCheck out next week to know the next terminal of our rideNovember 23 2008 Maximum Ride is running slowly this week The flocks continued to go to school and discovered interesting stuffs The new Max still appeared in the story I am looking forward to seeing some bad news what the new Max can cause to the flocks; but she still did not do anything I'm very curious about the appearance of the new Max I don't know what games Patterson is playing with the new Max I guess this new Max will become a difficult obstacle for the flocks in the future The flocks met Ari and the Erasers again They were fighting each other and the flocks defeated again and come back to Anne's house The children told her about the Erasers In this story Anne is perhaps the only character that makes me feel suspicious Even though the author introduces that Anne is a person from FBI I still think that she also has a secret mission when she told the kids to stay at her house; especially these kids do not look like the normal ones at all I wonder if Anne knows all about the kids and pretend to be a good person or she actually helps the kids However I am pretty sure that Anne is not a usual person Moreover Max is also afraid of Anne because she thinks that someday Anne is going to replace her position Oh my gosh my Max was asked for a date How nice Sam one of her classmates invited her to go for a movie I like this part My Max becomes a normal girl Everyone also expressed some emotions when hearing this news except Fang Maybe he was jealous a little bit I guess Max spent great time with Sam I think Max felt really great even though they watched a military violent movie and I feel great too I dont know why but I like Max's day The day was even romantic when Sam kissed Max Woa Max liked it of course That night the readers did not see a strong Max who is the leader of the flocks any They saw a girly and beautiful Max when she was dating Fabulous Max Enjoy your day

  4. Sella Malin says:

    hmmthe second installment of the maximum ride series is as thrilling and action packed as ever however I think I enjoyed the first book the first was much realisticand not so confusing i mean seriouslyari is back from the dead?? okay someone please explain to me HOW that is humanely possibleeven for wacko mad scientists and i would like to know WHAT the heck is up with jebwhy for instance is he saying i love you while trying to kill max at the same time? seriously he needs to find where his loyalties lie first he's like OMG MAX I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and then he's like oh wait I just made a clone of you Max and actually I love her just as much as you so I'm going to make you two fight to the death and I'll be happy with whoever wins 'cause I care the same amount about each of you Right Okay ?? And what's up with this new company Itex?? It's making no sensewhat are the whitecoats TRYING to do and WHAT FREAKING SIDE ARE THEY ON??and what was up with the regular school?? who's side were THEY on?? what was up with sam?? and how is anne the head hauncho of the crazy scientists all of a sudden??what's up with max seeing herself as an eraser in the mirror?? and the whole imposter max thing was confusingand the whole end part tooand why are the whitecoats ON THEIR SIDE but trying to kill them?? and what do max and the flock need to save the world from itex blowing up the world?? what??'kay i'm rambling nowso anyways back to the pointin this book james patterson brings up some pretty crazy concepts in like one sentence and then he never mentions them again; he's expecting us to just figure it out ourselves and assumes we'll get it right with no say on his part um okay?? no thanks he brings up all these plot twists but never solves themfinishes them which gets REALLY annoyingbasically what i'm trying to say isthis book was great it really was it was exciting and suspenseful and thrilling and i couldn't put it down buthalf the time my head was hurting and i was utterly confused or i had a brain bashing headache or i was filled with anger at not understanding what the heck was going on soooyeah that basically sums it all up

  5. Bex says:

    This is the second installment of the Maximum Ride series picking up right after The Angel Experiment I would suggest you read them in order to avoid any confusion in the plotline Maximum Ride Schools out Forever starts right where The Angel Experiment left off continuing with the six genetically engineered children being chased by their main enemies the Erasers a wolfhuman hybrid Max Fang Iggy Gasman Nudge and Angle continue to evade the predators in each city they visit Max continues to be plagued by the death of their main Eraser pursuer named Ari who might or might not be her biological brother She also continues to hear the Voice in her head and is confused as to who or what it is Along the way they meet a seemingly kind woman who just happens to be a high ranking FBI agent who enrolls them in a normal school where Max feels as though she's an outcast Max and her fellow winged children end up releasing a bunch of other genetically altered animals onto the city which doesn't go very far except they adopt a dog that Angel has become attached to He seems like your normal run of the mill puppy until he opens his mouth and talks You will enjoy the story and become enthralled in the portrayal of each individual child including the dog Overall it was a wonderful reading experience

  6. Joyzi says:

    I love the characters my favorite character was the Gasman because he's really funny and he makes me laugh Okay so character wise it was the best but plot wise it was okay So the plot was like a big random mess I don't really get it and there are parts wherein I wished they edit that out because it seems pointless and the story drag uite a bit There's also so many deux ex machina that it was really getting into my nerves What I mean it is not enough that one character get one superpower because for example Angel how many superpowers could this girl have??? Come onWell what I really love about the book was the part wherein they go to a normal school We've finally seen the flock blend with the normal kids like Max having a date with Sam Fang kisses a girl which makes Max mad because gosh she likes Fang roll eyes blah blah blahIt was still a good read Love Gazzy I hope in the next one there will be Faxness they're the reason I read the book so there should be romancey between this couple

  7. Bridgette_E1 says:

    This was one of my favorite books To be honest the whole series so far has been really good In this book even though it is fiction I felt I could relate to Max Multiple times in the story Max says I'm so overwhelmed This is so overwhelming I can relate to her because I also feel like I have a lot on my shoulders I have to balance school with sports as well as friends and fun activities Also in the story max starts to live a regular life as a teen In this time she has troubles with boys I can relate with this to some extent In the story max is confused with who she likes between Fang and another boy she met at school In my life I also get confused with boys but in a different way I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a little family drama action and fantasy I would also recommend the entire series

  8. Tatiana says:

    I listened to the audiobook again for the second novel in this series There is something about the story that keeps you going despite how bad it is The writing is terribly juvenile and predictable There is zero subtlety about the emotions each of the characters are going through And yet I kept goingI think the main thing if not only thing that kept me going was the idea behind the novel There is something so goosebump producing about a flock of humans with wings I loved the flying scenes The descriptions had me wide eyed and jealous of this wingsI guess I will continue with the series but really the only thing keeping me here are their wings

  9. Whisperwind says:

    This was a bit better But a lot of things were thrown at you randomly Many things made it seem recycled I think that anything else I say will be a spoiler so I will stop here But better than the first book

  10. Jerry says:

    This second volume brings the intensity action and fun that made the first one great It made me eagerly anticipate the third one which should be arriving at my local library soonHowever some unnecessary language prevented this from getting a perfect score

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