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A Fair Mystery[Ebook] ➠ A Fair Mystery Author Charlotte M. Brame – Heartforum.co.uk ExcerptHush For the love of mercy hush I cannot bear itBut that which called forth this protest was only the lisping prayer of a little child at its mother's kneePatty Brace lifted the white robed fig ExcerptHush For the love of mercy hush I cannot bear itBut that which called forth this protest A Fair PDF or was only the lisping prayer of a little child at its mother's kneePatty Brace lifted the white robed figure to her lap and rested the brown head on her bosomMark she said in mild remonstrance looking at her husbandI say I cannot bear it You have her pray 'God bless my home' It is too muchBut why not On this wild stormy night when other little ones may be out in the dashing rain and moaning wind is it not right to pray 'God bless our home'But how long will we have a home Patty Think of to morrow oh Heaven help me to morrow Ruined disgraced going out from the home where I was born and forced into exile I cannot bear it We shall never have a home again and our child will grow up homelessDear Mark you cannot go out disgraced when you have done no wrong; and homeless you will not be for home is where the heart is and in any land we three will be together and Heaven over allI cannot feel as you do Patty I am not gentle and good as you I blame myself that by going security for that smooth tongued rascal whom may a curse——Hush said Patty with sudden authority Mark you shall not curse friend neighbor nor enemy It is not your nature; it is wrong If you curse any one how can you look to have prayer answeredPrayer said Mark bitterly I begin not to believe in prayer or goodness or any such thing You have prayed and that innocent little victim on your bosom has prayed in her baby way and has Heaven heard No We lose our home and I was born here.

Braeme was an English author of romantic novels She also wrote under the pseudonym.

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12 thoughts on “A Fair Mystery

  1. Hannah says:

    Classic Victorian melodrama The villains are evil the spoiled daughter self centered and Conscience the Nemesis of all wrongdoers Your sins will find you out in horrid and gruesome ways I began listening on Librivox but got to a narrator who was frankly of too thick an accent to make out the story though calling the hero Early was a memorable flub I switched to Project Gutenberg to finish the tale

  2. Phil Syphe says:

    Although I’m a fan of this author I don’t rate this as one of her best novels It’s a bit monotonous in its themes For example you rarely go beyond a paragraph without the narrator reminding the reader that Doris is beautifulDoris is an interesting character She takes her beauty for granted and considers herself a notch above everyone else She’s selfish ungrateful and a stranger to empathy You’re not meat to feel sympathy for her until the last chapter or two though even then not all readers will soften towards herDoris’s foster sister Mattie is my favourite character though she doesn’t feature that often in the storyThe story is patchy at times lacking cohesion and whilst I wouldn’t call it dull it does lack the sparkle of certain other BrameClay novelsI don’t think it was wise to call the lead male character Earle when you have another character who is an earl particularly when they’re featured in the same scene I assume the author chose the name to convey that Earle wasn’t of noble birth but he was noble in character Even so it doesn’t work well especially with sentences like this “The earl had ridden down Earle was prevented from going”What ultimately made me rate this three stars instead of four was owing to the number of times we encounter premonitions like this‘“I am so glad yet she shivered again as she spoke I long to go to Linleigh Earle yet I have such a strange feeling about it a strange presentiment a foreboding’Not only is the dialogue in the above uote unrealistic it’s or less a spoiler Doubtless the author was trying to create suspense but when done this way all it does is tell the reader that something foreboding will happen I can’t understand why any author would do this as avid readers know that when a characternarrator predicts something will happen it’s guaranteed to do soSame applies even so with“If they could have had the faintest foreknowledge of that the tragedy might have been averted”Because of the above uote when “the tragedy” happens it comes as no surprise Without giving anything away the scene that features the impending tragedy is excellent; however it would’ve been better still if I didn’t know what would happen Because of the uote above the scene had no suspense; no uncertainty The reader has no doubt what will happen owing to the narrator's advance warning Had the author not spoiled what would happen the scene’s outcome wouldn’t have been obvious as several possibilities were at hand Overall “A Fair Mystery” is good in parts but is lacking on the whole with the biggest fault being the author’s inclusion of unnecessary spoilers

  3. Anne says:

    This story revolves around Doris Brace and the havoc she wreaks in the lives of those around her She is left on the doorstep of the Braces by an unkown wealthy lady The Braces are good people but spoil Doris because of her beauty and the allowance sent to them anonymously Doris grows up vain selfish and cruel She abandons her engagement to a gentleman poetfarmer Earle Moray to be the mistress of a wealthy man The conseuences of that decision make up the rest of the storylineThe character of Doris is chilling in her disregard for the feelings her fellow man To a degree that she is almost inhuman throughout most of the novel She is no pitiful Emily from David Copperfield who goes to ruin for the love and deceit of a worthless man She leaves the man she has some affection for to be with a man she does not like for money Brame does make her human and pitiable towards the end of the story which was needed It is a moral tale so to speak but it us not overly heavy handed as to mar the storyline Doris' conseuences with the exception of the most dire of them are a result of her own deceit Though you still pity her when the ultimate conseuence comesThere are faults in the novel The character of Earle Moray is poor No man could be as blind and weak as he is and have any self respect So much so that one is hardly excited when Mattie finally gets him in the end There is also a disconnect between the goodness of the Braces and their indulgence and mismanagement of Doris The villain Lord Vivianne could have been done much better He is a little too much of a charicature to be called a well written character Despite the faults Brame manages to write a good read that keeps the reader interested and engaged

  4. Julia says:

    The story is one of those old fashioned melodramas the tale of a heartless flirt and the men she ensnares and the lessons she learns and the cruel fate awaiting those who choose vanity over virtue It's hard to get into at first but by the end you find yourself rather invested in the outcome than you thought you were going to be The couette of the subtitle grows on you a little by then

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