B-29 Superfortress Units of the Korean War

B-29 Superfortress Units of the Korean WarThis Book Is The Story Of A Majestic Bomber Of The Propeller Era Flying Perilous Combat Missions Against A Sleek, Nimble Warplane Of The Jet Age, The Soviet MiG 15 A Very Heavy Bomber And A Sky Giant During World War II, At That Time The B 29 Was The Most Advanced Combat Aircraft In The World By The Time North Korea Attacked Its Southern Neighbour In 1950, Thus Starting The Korean War 1950 1953 The B 29 Had Been Reclassified A Medium Bomber Many Of Its Crew Members Had Fought Their War And Settled Down To Raise Families And Begin Careers Only To Be Recalled To Fight Another War On A Distant Asian Peninsula.

Author of HITLER S TIME MACHINE Author 1955 Air Force veteran 1957 60 retired Foreign Service officer 1964 89 Author of about 75 books on the Air Force and on military history and operations.Author of the weekly Back Talk column in Air Force Times newspaper, the monthly Washington Watch column in Aerospace America magazine the monthly Front Line column in Combat Aircraft magazine the monthly Washington News column in Air International magazine the The Way It Was photo feature in Warbirds magazine the History Mystery feature in Air Power History magazine, and other stuff.I live in Virginia with spouse and Labrador retriever, have grown sons, new iMac HITLER S TIME MACHINE was published in December 2014

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  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • B-29 Superfortress Units of the Korean War
  • Robert F. Dorr
  • English
  • 14 March 2017
  • 1841766542

10 thoughts on “B-29 Superfortress Units of the Korean War

  1. Randall Cook says:

    An o.k overview of the B 29 bombing campaigns of the Korean War 1950 1953 Regretably my 2009 copy had many typos, and could really have used better editing Nevertheless, the History comes through, and was enlightening to me.

  2. Jeff says:

    Informative, but not really muchto say about it except for the nice selection of color artwork, including B 29 nose art, in the middle of the book Do like I did and look for a cheap copy on the web.

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