These Animals Don't Want to Wash!

      These Animals Don't Want to Wash!
Well it seems that these animals don t want to wash But step by step, each one discovers that washing their feet, their hands and their teeth is really very important for the animals, as well as for the children A funny way to learn and a funny way to teach As everyone knows how difficult it can be to explain to young children how important it is to wash THE BOOK OF THE ANIMALS FUN LEARNING FOR CHILDREN AND PARENTSWhat are certainly the most occurring moments in a parent s life When their child doesn t want to wash, eat, sleep, go to school, share, take medicine, get vaccinated And what can a parent answer to these refusals The successful Book of The Animals bilingual children s books series was created with the aim to help both parents and children to discover the benefits of washing, eating, sleeping, going to school, sharing, taking medicine, getting vaccinated in a fun as well as educational manner Since the books are also bilingual, parents will enjoy the teaching and the interactivity they can gain from reading them with their children.THE AUDIENCEThe books are geared towards children aged 2 5, before elementary primary school.They will likely be bilingual children whose parents want to encourage the learning of their two current languages.They will also be children whose parents want to teach a language at a young age.Some teachers have also been using the books of the series as a way to teach a second language to children, with themes easy for them to both understand and memorise.THE CURRENT BOOKSThere are currently seven books in the series.Each episode brings on new animals, new words, new situations and new stories Ep.1 These Animals Don t Want to Wash 2008 Ep.2 These Animals Don t Want to Eat 2009 Ep.3 These Animals Don t Want to Sleep 2010 Ep.4 These Animals Don t Want to Go to School 2011 Ep.5 These Animals Don t Want to Share 2011 Ep.6 These Animals Don t Want to Take their Medicine 2012 Ep.7 These Animals Don t Want to Get Vaccinated 2012 The books are all available in either bilingual or monolingual versions Bilingual versions English French, English Portuguese, English Italian, English Spanish, English Swedish, English Creole, English JapaneseMore versions still to come Check out the official website www.TheBookOfTheAnimals.comREVIEW The Book of the Animals is a planned series of illustrated books for young children These delightful books tell the story of what happens when the animals in the stories, like many young children, don t want to eat and don t want to washThe books are very suitable both for reading to young children and for older children to use to learn to read in both languages They might even persuade them to wash and eat their dinner The repetitive structure is supportive of children learning new words and the illustrations work well alongside the text to help understanding of unfamiliar words.I can easily imagine young children demanding repeat readings and enjoying learning the text by heart as many children do with favourite stories Children learning to make up and write their own stories might well want to write a personalised version, using the structure as a prop.I think the stories would work well both in the home and in the classroom. Best Download Books These Animals Don't Want to Wash! author J.N. Paquet –

J.N PAQUET is a children s author illustrator, storyteller and journalist who lived in France, Brazil and Britain Father of three trilingual children, he has written over 50 children s books translated into over 15 languages , including the highly acclaimed bilingual children s books series The Book of The Animals and The T RRIBLE.Through his books, he aims to promote literacy and bilingualism around the world, promote fun learning as a positive attitude towards reading and provide inspiration for the next generation of young readers and writers.Three times Award nominated author Runner up at the Brazilian International Press Awards UK for Best Literature, 2012 2013 2014 Read his blog on Bilingualism Literacy Find outabout his children s books www.jnpaquet jnp Follow him on Twitter jnpaquet_Kids about Children s books Also an experienced journalist, he has been covering France, Brazil, and Britain s Current Affairs for over two decades, and other topics such as New technologies, Health, Transports, Travels, Parenting, Education and Cultural News He has been writing articles and op eds for several newspapers and magazines, such as Life Magazine in Taiwan, and online on various websites and blogs, including BuzzFeed, CNN, Digital Journal, Medium, and The Huffington Post Read his most recent articles Follow him on Twitter jnpaquet_Kids about Current affairs

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      These Animals Don't Want to Wash!
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  • 25 pages
  • These Animals Don't Want to Wash!
  • J.N. Paquet
  • Multiple languages
  • 20 August 2019

10 thoughts on “ These Animals Don't Want to Wash!

  1. Fatma Bodhee says:

    This is a dual language in English and French about various farm animals who do not want to wash different parts of the body It can used to teach the vocabulary for the different animals and various body parts ie feet, eyes, hears, nose, mouth, neck It has a repeated refrain of Non, non, non, Non, non,, non, non, non, non that young children can join in with This book was read to nursery children whilst playing in the garden and then again at storytime, getting children to t...

  2. Julie Barrett says:

    These Animals Don t Want to Wash by J.N PaquetIllustrated very colorful childrne s book written in English and the other half in Swedish It shows different animals who don t want to wash certain parts of their bo...

  3. Patricia L Jenkins says:

    I am learning Swedish and the best way to begin reading in another language is by reading children s books Since this is bilingual you can see the sentence construction of English verses Swedish.

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