An Assembly Such as This

An Assembly Such as This[Ebook] ➣ An Assembly Such as This ➩ Pamela Aidan – She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me So begins the timeless romance of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen's classic novel is beloved by millions Such as Epub Ú She is tolerable; but not handsome enough to tempt me So begins the timeless romance of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen's classic novel is beloved by millions but little is revealed in the book about the mysterious and handsome hero Mr Darcy And so the uestion has long remained Who is Fitzwilliam Darcy In An Assembly Such as This An Assembly PDF \ Pamela Aidan finally answers that long standing uestion In this first book of her Fitzwilliam Darcy Gentleman trilogy she reintroduces us to Darcy during his visit to Hertfordshire with his friend Charles Bingley and reveals Darcy's hidden perspective on the events of Pride and Prejudice As Darcy spends time at Netherfield supervising Bingley and fending off Miss Bingley's persistent advances his unwilling attraction to Elizabeth grows—as Assembly Such as PDF Æ does his concern about her relationship with his nemesis George WickhamSetting the story vividly against the colorful historical and political background of the Regency Aidan writes in a style comfortably at home with Austen but with a wit and humor very much her own Aidan adds her own cast of fascinating characters to those in Austen's original weaving a rich tapestry from Darcy's past and present Austen fans and newcomers alike will love this new chapter of the most famous romance of all time.

Such as Epub Ú Pamela Aidan grew up in small towns outside of Philadelphia PennsylvaniaShe graduated from high school with the desire to be a history teacher but changed her major to Library Science after her first year at collegeLater she earned a Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana ChampaignMs Aidan has worked as a librarian in a wide variety of settings.

An Assembly Such as This Epub Ì Assembly Such as  PDF
  • Paperback
  • 255 pages
  • An Assembly Such as This
  • Pamela Aidan
  • English
  • 21 June 2016
  • 9780743291347

10 thoughts on “An Assembly Such as This

  1. Katharine says:

    After all I'd heard about this series and the many recommendations I'd seen I was kind of shocked to find how badly this was written This is supposed to be the best insight into the character of Darcy and instead we get inconsistency and pointless detail In general I disagree with the interpretation that has Darcy madly in love with Elizabeth about3 seconds after insulting her at the Netherfield Assembly But I could put up with that if it were done well This Darcy swings confusingly from obsession with Elizabeth's every move to childish irritation whenever she zings him He's nothing even close to a realistic man but rather a mish mash of heroic clichés he is the only person who can handle his high spirited black stallion Hee that reminds me of the imaginary games I used to play when I was twelve Add in a few allusions to Darcy as played by Colin Firth in the '95 adaptation twirl that pinky ring Colin Darcy and you've got this reader at least snickering rather than swooning Elizabeth as seen through this Darcy's eyes is similarly a blend of irritating feminine tropes who would probably seem a lot sympathetic if you turned her into a drinking game sip every time the author describes her as delicate It's as if the author had never actually observed a real person and how emotion would make that person act but instead uses whatever literary or movie stereotype seems most appropriate People do not uirk their eyebrows nearly as often as she thinks they do nor are snorts usually delicate slurp The book improves just a bit after Darcy gets to London and the author leaves Austen's narrative and Darcy's obsession with Elizabeth mostly behind The Darcy Bingley interactions are some of the better written passages However the ton society bits seem out of place at best and farfetched at worst It's a little difficult to buy Darcy as a rival to Brummel even reluctantly or hobnobbing with the scandalous Caroline Lamb It's so much the antithesis to everything Austen wrote about These scenes are a little interesting than the rest of the book but if the author wanted to write a high society regency maybe she should have done that as an original novel instead of trying to shoehorn it into an Austen fic I don't feel as though the London episodes do a whole lot to enlighten us on Darcy's character They feel as though they were added because the author COULD rather than with a purpose that fits into the narrative as a whole Plus I would like to assume that Aidan did her research on the regency period but I suspect it did not extend to much than lots of Heyer – I caught some errors myself and I'm no expert Come on Darcy would have known what a waltz was musically at least They had 34 time long before they did the face to face ballroom dancing There's even a waltz mentioned in Emma although it's clearly meant only musically not as in dancing style Heyer ish slang also seems out of place in Austen Darcy is constantly calling Bingley a gudgeon which seems really odd for DarcyWhich brings me to language and style The book reads as if the author had used a thesaurus for every fifth word but only correctly about half the time Unwittingly does not mean what she thinks it means And yeah Shakespeare had a great vocabulary too but Ms Aidan is missing the point that it's not really about how many different words you can use but how WELL you use them She certainly doesn't understand how to describe evocatively or effectively I assume in some attempt to mimic the complexity of early 19th century writing her style is a grammatic disaster full of unnecessary passive voice vague or missing antecedents and pointless clauses wherever she can work in a few adverbs The problem is that Jane Austen's prose while probably a little complex than we're used to is always clear and incisive and you usually don't have to read her sentences three times just to understand what she's getting at Let's look at a brief snippet to show what I mean about language and style The last to accept his cup Bingley paused at Darcy's side and motioned with a uirk of his chin to the vacant seats next to Elizabeth and her sister No Chins do not uirk and pointing with your chin is rude and obvious Even as he silently declined the invitation how did he do that? shake his head? uirk his eyebrow? Darcy could not prevent or deny the bittersweet pull on his senses the opportunity presented See getting trapped by a needlessly complex sentence structure pulls do not present They pull This would be better Darcy could not deny a bittersweet pull on his senses Much clearer AND effective although a bit cliched Determinedly he took up a position somewhat apart from the others from which he could safely bide his time Determinedly is like the most awkward adverb ever AND should be unnecessary SHOW NOT TELLAs it was the conversation was consumed with the ball that Bingley had promised I don't like consumed here it feels like the wrong word too violent for the context Perhaps occupied or engaged Since the others were well aware of his aversion to the scheme Darcy's opinions were not solicited even by Miss Bingley and he was left to his silent contemplation Unnecessary use of passive voice sentence would be stronger if it read even Miss Bingley refrained from soliciting his opinion Full stop Last phrase is repetitive Relieved that he would not have to take part in a conversation fraught with traps that would militate against his plan Mixed metaphor Traps do not militate Darcy breathed in the tangy scents of earth and vegetation Eh in my opinion earth does not smell tangy which implies sour or citrusy Pick fitting words Don't just use the first one that comes to mind Suddenly there swept over him an acute longing Pemberley Now that's just cheesy But whateverIf edited properly these books could be one volume instead of three

  2. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    DNF at about 20% This came very highly recommended by a couple of GR friends as the cream of the crop when it comes to Jane Austen take offs but it was not what I was expecting It's a dead serious retelling of the entire Pride and Prejudice story from Darcy's point of view What I read I found rather boring And Aidan takes three volumes to retell the whole story This book just ends about 13 of the way through OoI can see myself enjoying this book these books sometime later when I'm in a really serious need for an Austen fix Now however is not that time

  3. Fangirl Musings says:

    Pages Survived 160I'm so terrible I don't WANT to say it and I feel like a total unintelligent book snob for feeling this way butThis book was painfully boring I know I know I should be open minded especially considering the fact that I've bitched for years saying I always wanted Darcy's perspective on the Pride and Prejudice story Here I have it handed to me on a silver friggin' platter and apparently my picky ass brain says it's not enough Go frackin' figure right? Well it's notSo what could possibly be wrong with this Jacueline? as I'm sure you're absolutely not asking yourself The short answer isWait for itNot a single thing Yeah anticlimactic I know and so not helpful But the reality is there simply isn't something that I can point to and say with absolute certainty This This thing right here is the downfall of this novel and all ye who write said thing shall collectively go off yourself The writing is great truly detailed with vivid description that doesn't bog itself down with its own weight The characters match their source material excellently The plotting adheres wonderfully to the original with just enough deviation to keep it interesting I DON'T KNOW Honestly my biggest and best guess has to be the fact that I'm too much of a modern book snob Yes I know this is fanfiction and a retelling written by a modern author but sadly I've become too used to stories where there's a heavy focus on the lead couple spending a good chunk of time together Shhhh Dodges the thrown shoe Yes I KNOW I'm a walking moron especially when considering that's the antithesis of the Pride and Prejudice story and how dare I be so asinine as to use that as a criticism I know I hate myself too So what's the takeaway here? Well people as if anyone's actually reading this but we'll pretend so for my sake the reality is I didn't like this book and I want you to read it because it's marvelous and I'm a dipshit As I said this author did an excellent job at walking the line between source material and new material Her writing is orgasmically well done she gets the characters in a way that so rarely ever happens in fanfiction and I should be slapped in the face for still not finding enough emotional drama between Lizzie and Darcy to keep me reading until the end So please DON'T take my DNF word for it and go read it humans Dear book please know

  4. Holly (2 Kids and Tired) says:

    I have yet to find an attempted Pride and Prejudice seuel to be worth my time This novel is the first that really does the story justice While this book isn't a seuel it's a wannabe adaptation the first of three novels which basically retell the story of Pride and Prejudice from the viewpoint of Mr Darcy A viewpoint that Austen readers have wondered about since the novel was published This one ends after the ball at Netherfield with Darcy and Miss Bingley conspiring to remove Charles from HertfordshireWhile Aidan manages to capture some of the language of the time she doesn't attempt to be Jane Austen and I appreciated that Most of Darcy's story is by necessity imagined but the author has a good grasp of Mr Darcy Her interpretations are believable I enjoyed the little details such as when Darcy purchases books for his sister one of them is Sense and Sensibility That was a fun little addition His interactions with his valet and household staff serve to portray him as the kind master his housekeeper alludes to in the original novelAidan is most definitely a fan of the Jennifer EhleColin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice Thank goodness for that because I can't abide anything that refers to the Keira Knightley farce It's very easy to picture the scenes from the film as you read the book One even wonders if her adaptations come from Colin Firth's Darcy than Jane Austen's Darcy Still I can recommend it with no reservations

  5. Cassie Young says:

    Okay This was LAME The whole series Being an avid Jane Austen fan when I heard that there was a good addition to the list of PP seuels and spin offs I was all gung ho on reading them I even bought them at Costco I was so sure they were going to be good Boy was I wrong I was either gagging or gafawing the entire time Aidan dwelt far to long on Darcy's 'Passion' About every other page was riddled with his sighs and and his Heart thudding against his rib cage and his inability to say anything to her about it I hated this There was no really falling in love We meet Darcy in the next chapter he's in love and so for the rest of the series we get to suffer through his little idiocies of love sickness Now don't get me wrong here I'm a hopeless romantic but it has to Romantic not just Mushy It was almost embarassing Don't read these It almost tainted my view of Mr Darcy gaspCassie

  6. Belinda says:

    It was tolerable but not enough to convince mePam it was a great idea but you overwrote itNo doubt it doesn't matter a jot Pam has sold loads of these pretty crappy books but here's why I didn't enjoy it1 Too much information2 Austen didn't write about politics you should've left it out3 I was really only reading it to find out about D's reaction and thoughts to E but we got huge amounts of info where D was in town D was talking to his horse D was yabbering with his valet Snore4 Darcy comes across as a vain idiot when I think he was PERCEIVED to be so In fact I think D is meant to be a kinder warmer person than Austen appears to make him as evidenced by the way he treats Georgiana his servants his friends Austen is good like that she's subtle You have to peel back layers This is why it's worth reconsidering Darcy or Mrs Bennett So his nasty condescending thoughts in this book by Pam don't ring true5 Really this is only book ONE God help me I'd never have started it if I'd know I had to wade through even trite shite Pam you had plenty of room to tie this up Austen did it; the fact you couldn't do it proves you're full of windDon't read this

  7. Susan says:

    How ungrateful I must seem This book was a Valentine's Day gift from my husband intended to delight a complete Austenophile like me And I was indeed enchanted with the first few chapters for they tell the story of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy from the gentleman's point of view Part of the great charm of Pride Prejudice lies in the mystery surrounding Mr Darcy What are we to think of this uintessentially stiff upper lipped toff when he inexplicably snubs the sparkling Miss Bennett only to later plead for her hand in marriage? I wasn't bothered by the lack of mystery in An Assembly Such as This I thought that the story was remarkably fresh despite having read P P multiple times And I was impressed by Pamela Aidan's writing style as it had just the right Regency era tone without a touch of self consciousness So why did I award this story just three stars even though I was fully prepared to love it? Just this it suffers from an excess of detail I don't care to read about Mr Darcy's every movement from the moment he awakens to the moment he falls into bed eighteen hours later So much time is spent describing Mr Darcy's every thought and action that the story of Pride Prejudice is stretched into a trilogy of which An Assembly Such as This is but the firstBut for that one flaw this story would easily have rated five stars But don't pay too much attention to my criticism I still plan to read the second and third books of the trilogy

  8. Nicole D. says:

    WARNING If you are reading this review I have assumed that you have read the original work which this book is a retelling ofPride and Prejudiceif you have not this review contains spoilersBeing inside Darcy's head is dream come true for Pride and Prejudice fans The author captures the spirit of Darcy's thoughts perfectly and stays true to all the original characters of the novel Which is a must for me in PP fan fiction Being inside Darcy's head is wonderful You get a up close and personal look into his thoughts on everything from his parentshis estatehis friendship with Bingleyhis sisterand see how he feels about every meeting with Elizabeth My favorite part of being in his head was watching him sort out his very confusing feelings for Elizabeth Seeing Elizabeth throw Darcy's eyes made me fall in love with him all over again Watching his loving gentle protective care over his sister is so sweet You can tell they both love each other very muchYou get to see Darcy in less formal settings and it really opens up his character which I loved You see a whole new side of both Darcy and Bingley as they can be free in conversation with each other when it is just them You also get to see how Darcy and Bingley became friends which was something I always wanted information on Elizabeth's wit is in full view and the author's added conversation is what I imagine Elizabeth would say As always I loved seeing Mr Collins make a fool out of himself at the Bingley's Ball I have always thought it must have been hard for Darcy to trick Bingley to not got back to Hertfordshire and Aidan's portrayal of Darcy's inner struggle was spot onThe secondary character's Aidan has added are great and I think Jane herself would have loved themOne of my favorite new character's was Fletcher Darcy's valet I loved his humor and match making Darcy's school friend Dyfed Brougham is a favorite new character along with Fletcher His wit and humor won me over in a few paragraphs I hope to see of both of them in books 2 and 3The author clearly did her research and has added gossipconversationand famous people from the Society of the time I love those little touches To me it makes the all the difference in a historical romance and brings the time period to life This is my second JA fan fiction I have read from Darcy's PoV and even though I loved the otherI love this one as it gives me scenes and insights not in the original novel This looks to became a favorite with me and I highly recommend it to all PP fansRating 5 out of 5Content Rating PGHeat Rating Clean

  9. Amy says:

    Not much I can add that this review does not perfectly sum up But I shall try Pamela Aidan's Fitzwilliam Darcy Gentleman series has come up repeatedly in my exploration of Jane Austen spin offs and I'd even argue has become a 'classic' in its own niche sense Perhaps this led me to have too high of expectations This is really justokay fanfiction It recounts PP from Darcy's POV and portrays him as a ratherwet blanket When not obsessing over Elizabeth Bennett he gushes over books or his high spirited horse or gives long lectures to his friends about proper decorum For fun he sits in the corner and broods about his sister and the pernicious Wickham It is a weird combination of middle school girl and curmudgeonly old man When not reliving the actual scenes from PP An Assembly Such as This tries to go on a Georgette Heyer tangent with characters using Regency slang at truly odd times and Darcy rubbing elbows with the greats of his day Including a really truly awful rendition of Mr Brummell Mah poor boyIn the end I'd say the only truly redeeming element of this story is Darcy's valet Fletcher who provides a welcome amusing contrast to the brooding Darcy But as he feels like the only truly fleshed out character in the entire book he highlights the story's defects than redeems it

  10. Ashley says:

    This is a retelling of the story of Pride and Prejudice written from the point of view of Darcy It is broken up into three novels instead of the original one and I felt like it was a bit stretched up and filled with empty calories I think I picked this book up for same reason that most people do because we love Jane Austen and there just isn't enough of it so we hope we can find another entrance into the regency period that will be as good Unfortunately this wasn't It comes across as a book so obviously written by a modern author trying to sound period and it is a bit awkward The language comes across a bit clunky and forced Even than the language my real reason for not really liking this book was that I found I preferred for Mr Darcy to remain a bit of a mystery Part of the genius of Austen that I didn't realize until reading this book is that Austen doesn't really go into great detail in devoloping his character By the end we know that he is kind and generous and a gentleman and that he loves Elizabeth but not much about his likes and dislikes and relationships and the result is that the reader gets to fill in the rest and everyone at least every female reader ends up with their own picture of the ideal man which is why we all love Mr Darcy I really disagreed in many instances with the author's portrayal and felt like she had put herself in a no win situation

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