FM "Галичина"

      FM "Галичина"
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Taras Prokhasko studied Biology at Lviv University He has worked as a radio operator, an editor, a bartender, the host of a radio program, a forester, a teacher, a gallery proprietor, a screen writer, a video operator and a gardener For the past ten years he has worked as a journalist He is the author of Inshi dni Anny Anna s Other Days, 1998 , FM Halychyna FM Galicia, 2001 , Neprosti The UnSimple, 2002 , Leksykon tayemnykh znan Lexicon of Secretive Knowledge, 2005 , Z tsyoho mozhna bulo b zrobyty kilka opovidan Could Have Made a Couple of Stories from This, 2005 , and Port Frankivsk 2006 He has also published a number of books in his Inshiy Format series featuring interviews he conducted with leading Ukrainian intellectuals Several of Mr Prokhasko s books have been translated and published in Poland, Russia and Germany His novella Necropolis and novel The UnSimple have been translated and published in English Taras Prokhasko is the recipient of the Joseph Conrad Award 2007 as well as Korrespondent magazine s Best Ukrainian Book Award 2006, 2007.

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      FM "Галичина"
 By Тарас Прохасько –
  • Paperback
  • 52 pages
  • FM "Галичина"
  • Тарас Прохасько
  • Ukrainian
  • 09 January 2019
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