Doctor Who And Shada

Doctor Who And Shada THE LEGENDARY LOST DOCTOR WHO ADVENTUREThe Doctor And Romana Visit Professor Chronotis, A Retired Time Lord Living At Cambridge University The Professor Wants To Return An Ancient And Very Powerful Book To Gallifrey But The Book Has Gone MissingSkagra, An Evil Scientist, Steals The Book And The Professor S Mind And Also Takes Romana And The TARDISIn Order To Stop Skagra, The Doctor Must Discover The Secrets Of A Notorious Time Lord Criminal, And A Long Forgotten Prison Called ShadaThis Is An Unofficial And Unauthorised Fan Publication No Profits Have Been Derived From This Book Not For Resale

Paul Scoones is a New Zealand fan of Doctor Who Neil Lambess and he were instrumental in the recovery of the The Lion , a missing episode of Doctor Who The Crusade He was the person who literally mailed the episode back to the BBC Film and Videotape Library.

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  • Doctor Who And Shada
  • Paul Scoones
  • 04 April 2019

10 thoughts on “Doctor Who And Shada

  1. no says:

    Shada was the final Doctor Who story written by Science fiction mastermind Douglas Adams During the shooting of the episode, however, tree was a a strike and it was forced to be abandoned Multiple attempts have been made at trying to complete the story One attempt was made to have Tom Baker narrate the missing scenes While this is enjoyable to watch, it still lacks the feeling of a full episode Another attempt was made to do a webcast of the show, but spence Tom was unwilling To do so, Paul Mcgann stepped forward to complete the webcast Although I love Paul, he just seemed out of place and the price only made fans over which version of the story was canon A recent attempt has been made by life time Dr Who fan and also famous musician no ones ever heard of Ian Levine He animated the story and recast all of the original cast albeit Baker and two deceased actors, but 2 entertain has denied him release Which means, right now, this book remains the only complete Tom Baker version open to the public And, to give it credit, it does a good job at that I simply wants to tell the lost story, while still being in the writing tone of Adams At many points in the book I found my self laughing out loud, particularly where the Doctor given Romana a I AM A ...

  2. Sammy says:

    In the 80s and 90s, all but five of the serials from the original 26 year run of Doctor Who were adapted into novels, which became the key source of reference for an entire generation of fans who grew up in the days when only selected serials were available to purchase on VHS , and many were never going to be recovered from oblivion Shada is one of the remaining five and an anomaly even then, as the serial was abandoned mid production due to a strike that were novel...

  3. stormhawk says:

    And at last, I know what happens in the missing episode It s a shame it never was completed, would have been a real corker The Doctor and Romana visit Cambridge at the request of an old friend, go pointing, and the fate o...

  4. RC says:

    This adaptation reads like one of the better Target novelisations, despite the original scripts being rather average.

  5. Ms_prue says:

    Paul Scoones novelises better than official DW novelists I heartily approve of this book.

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