Northern Belle

      Northern Belle
A veteran cop who s secretly wished for a white picket fence instead of his bachelor apartment, but been afraid of More failing at marriage than he is of the rough streets he patrols, becomes entwined with a headstrong woman who s returned to the small town of her youth With help from her local family members, he starts to learn what makes her tick, but will she thrive with a set in his ways guy who s not above paddling her if it s For Her Own Good, and can two such strong willed people actually share that white picket fence together Free Download Northern Belle By Carolyn Faulkner For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

Carolyn was one of you as a kid, with the intriguing seeds planted in her head of the shivering thrill thoughts that came with words like spanking, or discipline As with you, those kinds of words and thoughts connected the heated blush of her cheeks with feelings elsewhere, which gotandinteresting the older she got.I bet you know just what I m talking about.Like some, she started writing down these thoughts, escaping into short stories of reluctant heroes willing to take someone they love in hand when it s for her own good andshadowy thoughts as her imagination matured.And like some, she started sharing her writings in newsgroups once she gained some confidence.There s nothing like the perfectly turned phrase, the handful of words that can make a feeling wash over you And if you re reading this, then you have within you some intense feelings that most of the world doesn t understand but Carolyn does, and she writes those passions with wondrous abandon Her specialties are Spanking Romance and Adult Ageplay, so we ve grouped the many examples of her work that way.Spanking Romance Classics are sweeping love stories which dare in a very un PC way to allow their heroine to feel the special love of a strong man who will take her in hand when it s best for her Carolyn writes very real, rich characters and stories that aren t just excuses to jump from spanking scene to spanking scene If the timeless tango of pursuing ardor touches you, and the head rush of Adoring Discipline intrigues you, then you ll love Carolyn s stories

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      Northern Belle
 ePUB By Carolyn Faulkner –
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  • Northern Belle
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  • 16 October 2018

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    Shelley has come home and is trying to settle in Joe isn t impressed on the first meeting but she soon gets attention which might not always be a good thing.

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